– Multi Watt the longest lasting and most efficient Incandescent on the market!


Our Multi Watt incandescent last 24 times longer than the standard lamp!

  • Filled with Nitrogen Argon Gas
  •           -eliminates blackening and improves brightness!
  • Xtreme Duty Construction
  •         – 5 Filament supports resistant to shock and vibration
  •          – Brass Base to resist freezing in socket

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There are a lot of ways to sell but nothing matches the cold call in effectiveness and stature! A salesperson who makes cold calls is admired by everyone in the sales profession. The reason is its effectiveness. A Cold Call puts you face to face with the Buyer in their place of business. Face to face allows you to read the Buyer’s body language while hearing what the Buyer is saying AND how the Buyer is reacting to what you say. This allows you to instantly tailor your presentation to that individual buyer.


Cold Calls also put you in the Buyer’s facility and where you can see what products the Buyer uses and their condition. Better yet you can see how your products can help the Buyer improve productivity, accuracy AND attitudes! Best of all a Cold Call allows you to become their friend…and we know people buy from friends. If you’re a Buyer’s friend they will call you before they place an order with for “LAST FOREVER” 3 generations old LED product. The best part about calling on a Buyer in person on your first call as well as repeat calls is they can see that you truly care about them AND their facility. You become their “GO TO” person whenever they have a lighting question or need.


I’ve seen salespeople win over Buyer’s because after a “Hard no” on the first call. The salesperson continued to call on that Buyer whenever the rep was in the area. The Rep soon became a better friend than the Buyer’s existing supplier and demonstrated better service then the existing supplier! This led to the Buyer switching vendors…to our salesperson! As a matter of fact most of the large M.E. accounts were acquired this way!!


Cold Call skills are powerful and effective. Take a look at your sales tool box and see if you are maximizing your use of this most POWERFUL TOOL! It can be the reason you have a FANTASTIC NEW ACCOUNT SUMMER AND A FANTASTIC REPEAT SALES FALL!




President  Curt Kesselring

Kesselring, Curt new


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