Sales Corner “”If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” – Curt Kesselring”

”If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong” – Curt Kesselring

One of the greatest things you can do for another is to brighten their day. So often this is taken for granted as something that just “happens”. But good energy doesn’t “just happen” it can be consciously generated in all of your customer, work, and personal relationships. Make it a personal challenge to be the person that brings joy to wherever you go by following these four simple actions.

1. Help- How can you help a person have a better day? Meet people with a spirit of wanting to help. If a person is having a bad day try and help them have a better one.

2. Happiness- Make it your personal mission to bring happiness wherever you go. Take responsibility for lifting the energy of the people you meet.
3. Humor- Having a sense of humor is a great way to brighten someone’s day. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Find the humor in situations and point it out!

4. Honor- Honor a person for who they are. Compliment them on everyday things that may go unnoticed.

Do all four of these together and you will have fun, the people around you will have fun and everyone will be more successful!




Why do some salespeople’s sales plateau . . . or even decline? There is only one reason for a decline in sales and income . . . and that is a decline in the number of new accounts that a sales person opens.

We used to have a sales person, who passed on years ago, but left us with some time honored wisdom. He always said to me, “Curt, ALL accounts have finite lives. It’s only a matter of time until you lose them!” Consequently he made it a point to open as many new accounts as he could each week AND CONSEQUENTLY he was one of our Top Producers. He wasn’t, however, our best salesman, just someone who wrote more volume because he had more accounts than most of the other salespeople!

New Accounts are the lifeblood of our business AND believe it or not, Summer is a good time to add accounts to your file box. Yes, more buyers are on vacation, but the ones that aren’t are more willing to talk to you. If they aren’t in, get their business card and set appointments in the afternoon between Repeat Phone calls. Use those “cool” mornings to make “cold” calls. If they’re in, pitch them. If not, get their business card and set an appointment.

So, use Summer to refill your file box and watch your volume take a leap this Summer and especially this Fall. In the Summer the number of Calls you make increases but so does your Closing percentage AND your Sales AND most importantly your INCOME INCREASES!!

Good Selling,

President Curt Kesselring

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Sales Corner “Difficult People”

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.”  – Eckhart Tolle


Part of great customer service is knowing how to deal with difficult people and situations. Definitely not an easy task but how we address difficult people can be the difference between a good career and an excellent one. Here are a few steps to help us all when we run into difficult people.

1. Honor a person’s struggle. Remember everyone is going through some sort of struggle in their life. Make an effort to be compassionate but don’t take on another person’s hostility. Instead accept this person needs a little space.


2. Be clear and rational in communication. Many times difficulty is simply a matter of poor communication. Strive to present a clear message.

3. Let go. Don’t worry if you can’t brighten someone’s day. Be comfortable in walking away and visiting with the person another time.


President Curt Kesselring “There Ain’t No Cure For… The Summer Time Blues…”


EXCEPT FOR THE CURE CALLED “WORK”! Summers can be challenging because more customers are on vacation AND because we take more time off…BUT there are solutions which I’ve observed both Top Producer Veterans and brand new Rookies use. Here they are:

  1. #1  Buyers for many businesses come to work earlier to beat the heat. Take advantage of this by getting up early, identifying the type of businesses with early riser buyers AND CALL ON THEM EARLY! Plus they are more willing to talk to you.
  2. #2  You take more vacation in the summer. Consequently you need to hustle…make more calls and you can still sell the same number of buyers each week. Your time is valuable; manage it well.
  3. #3  The work pace in businesses slows down because more people are gone making it more difficult to hold meetings…hence buyers are easier to get to…and willing to spend time with you!
  4. #4  Competitor’s salespeople take a lot of time off so the Buyers have more time and are more willing to meet with you.

So in the summer



Don’t concede to the summer time blues like the high school boy in the song. Instead plan your days better, call on more accounts, give the SAME number of presentations and close more sales because customers are more relaxed. Best of all you can see an income increase this summer. Use your RISER PROGRAM to pit yourself against your most perfectly matched competitor…YOU… and make more money doing it! Set as your SUMMER GOAL to be a CONSECUTIVE RISER EVERY WEEK THIS SUMMER!

Good Selling

Curt Kesselring President

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President Curt Kesselring “THE ARROWS MEAN… IT’S TIME TO CLOSE!”

One of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS most salespeople have

is knowing when to close! We have built in a simple solution

to this problem at the bottom of every Pitch Page. At the

bottom of the page are two arrows that tell your Buyer two


#1 How soon a standard lamp can burn out AND

#2 How long our lamp is GUARANTEED to last!

These two arrows also signal you to use our SIMPLE

AND POWERFUL CLOSE! Here’s how you end your

presentation and lead into your close as you point to the



This solves one of the biggest

problems many salespeople


When you get to the bottom of the page these arrows point

you to YOUR CLOSE! After you start your close do two

things, give the Buyer alternate choices AND negotiate the

size of box. Anyone can use these two techniques…if they


So next time you get to the ARROWS…REMEMBER…IT’S

TIME TO CLOSE…with no hesitation!

“Standard lamps can burn out as soon as 1-3 years.

ME/SL lamps are GUARANTEED in writing for 15 years!!”

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Sales Corner “Know Your Customer”

“If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.” Jim Rohn, Author and Motivational Speaker
Great service is about knowing the wants and needs of your customers.  Do you know your customers well enough?  Here are three tips to get to know your customer better.

1. Observe– Even before you meet a potential customer you can observe the type of facility they have. The size and type of business can give you many clues as to what your customer’s needs are. This is a effective way to make great first impressions on prospective customers and to give your current customers the best possible service.
2. Ask– Ask question about your customer’s business as it relates to their lighting needs. What are their biggest problems? What do products do they use the most? Are they having lighting problems common to their industry? Ask questions that make your customer think.
3. Listen– Listening to your customer can give you a lot of clues as to what areas of lighting may be causing them trouble.  Slow down the conversation and don’t interrupt. Rather listen to what they are saying and paraphrase it back to them.  This not only gives good customer service, it creates a good relationship with your customers.