Maintenance Engineering’s Environmentally Friendly Fluorescents

Maintenance Engineering’s Environmentally Friendly Fluorescents

Increased awareness of recycling and the hazards of mercury have made environmentally friendly lamps an important part of Maintenance Engineering’s product line. We are a leader in the lighting industry for environmentally friendly products. Maintenance Engineering’s lamps are built with cutting edge technologies that make them friendly to the environment due to low mercury content and long life design.

Our lamps contain the lowest average levels of mercury in the industry, mainly due to our mercury release capsule. The industry range of mercury content per tube is 15-48mg for a 4’ bi-pin fluorescent. M.E.’s 4’ lamps contain at most 7-8mg of mercury per lamp, with our EARTH-SAFE® lamps containing less than 4.4mg. Our EARTH-SAFE® lamps are TCLP-compliant, meaning they pass the federal government’s test for toxic chemical leaching in landfills. In many states, that means they aren’t required to be recycled (check your local regulations).

M.E.’s longer-life designs result in fewer lamps manufactured, fewer lamps thrown away, and fewer lamps recycled. Since manufacturing, disposal, and recycling all use energy and/or pollute the environment, Maintenance Engineering’s long life lamps by themselves are environmentally friendly. Our PREMIRA® line contains features that increase lamp life including:

● Triple Wound Double Tungsten Cathode – gives more surface area to the cathode which allows more emissive material, increasing the number of lamp starts possible, and thus bulb life.

● Cathode Guard – reduces tube end blackening, improving lumen maintenance and thus usable life.

● Silicon Coating – external lamp coating eases starting, especially in humid conditions. Easier starting results in longer lamp life.

● Extended Life Phosphors – precise mixes of Extended Life Phosphors resist breaking down over time, reducing color shift and maintaining brightness, which increases usable life.

● Precise Fill Gas – makes starting the lamp easier, thus increasing the life.

● Brass End Pins – better conductivity for easier starting, increasing lamp life.

● Alumina Internal Coating – in conjunction with the mercury release capsule, this coating is used in our TCLP compliant low mercury lamps, makes the starting process more gentle and blocks mercury absorption into the phosphors over time, increasing the life of the lamp. In addition to this benefit, the less mercury that is present in a lamp, the more environmentally friendly it is.

Maintenance Engineering leads the industry with environmentally friendly lamps


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