President Curt Kesselring- “Producing Positive In A Negative World”

Negative abounds. You can find it anywhere at any time of the day. It can come before you leave the house the morning from the radio, TV, or a family member. It can come from the coffee shop, service station, a phone call, or your first sales call. Some days it seems to be everywhere, overwhelming you at times. The key to dealing with it is to form good habits that constantly create a positive world for you to prosper and grow in. Here are 4 simple techniques that must be applied constantly throughout each and every day that will create a positive world for you.

#1-  SOW POSITIVE SEEDS EVERYWHERE WITH EVERYONE you come in contact with. Be like Johnny Appleseed and spread them constantly. You don’t know which seeds will take root or when they will take root, but sow enough and you will be rewarded in the future with a harvest of positive.

#2- SEE THE POSITIVE IN EVERY NEGATIVE SITUATION. View the glass as half full. No matter how negative a situation appears. There always is a postive aspect in every negative situation or persone that you run into. Find it and focus on it.

#3- TURN NEGATIVE INTO POSITIVE. Overwhelm negative with positive. By doing this you dilute it just as you would be adding pure water into contaminated water. When you run into strong negative forces, stay strong, stay positive, remembering that positive is the stronger force and will triumph in the end.

#4- SET A “STRONG” POSITIVE EXAMPLE AND YOU WILL BE MIMICKED. Remember, when a positive person meets a negative person, the stronger one will be mimicked… so BE STRONG AND BE POSITIVE. It will show in the way you walk, talk, and interact with people. It’s contagious and will spread like wildfire!

Producing positive is what life is about. It’s a “yes” to a sale. It’s a positive, happy family. It’s a reputation for being a person that “adds” to every human relationship they’re in. It’s creating a world of your making that you, your family and friends can grow, prosper, and achieve your goals in. Produce positive throught each and every day and you will be showered with the rewards of a happy and prosperous life. Producing positive is truly what life is all about!

Curt Kesselring

President of Maintenance Engineering


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