Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Change In the 21st Century”

As we enter the 21st Century we are reminded of the incredible change that the world has seen in the past century! Up until a couple of hundred years ago, most every century was much like the one that preceded it. Primitive tools, human disease, agrarian lifestyles, and survival of the fittest were predominant descriptors.

The past century saw change accelerate to lighting speed. We have seen dramatic improvements in our lifestyles, health, and life expectancies. Fo every negative change there has been a dozen positive ones that have improved our lives. Yet there were naysayers every inch of the way. Every year non-believers contested every change. Yet those who created, advocated and implemented change most often won out, creating the most fantastic century in history. I for one consider myself incredibly luck to have been born into this time, and in this country, the greatest benefactor of these positive changes.

Change. We can fear it or we can embrace it. We can resist it or we can use it to take us to the next level. I have high goals for Maintenance Engineering in the next five years and they will require even more changes than we saw in the entire past 37 years. Yes, some changes will fail and that’s the risk we must take. However, with a strong, positive vision of the future we can together utilize change to transform Maintenance Engineering into a company which will benefit us all in ways we cannot yet imagine.

As we enter this new millennium, join me in making Maintenance Engineering an industry leader in positive, constructive, and profitable change which will cause us to grow. Let’s embrace change. Let’s use change to create an even better opportunity for us to take advantage of.

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering


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