Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “The Power Of A Goal”

The national average for salespeople is that 20% of salespeople write 80% of the volume, and 80% sell 20% of the volume. Think of this in terms of income. What’s going on here? Why is this happening?

I believe what is going on is exactly what Ben Feldman was talking about in this week’s quote. Very few salespeople have set goals for themselves. Fewer still put a deadline on those goals.

Ben Feldman, to this day is considered one of the greatest salesmen that ever lived, let alone one of the greatest life insurance salesmen.

By his own analysis he felt he owed his success to his dissatisfaction with his performances. Good was never good enough!

2011 is still young. It can be an incredible money-making year for you. now is the time to take Ben Feldman’s advice and set some goals. 2011 can be your deadline. Believe me, it will be worth the price you pay to set these goals.

Dennis Leno


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