Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Emotion Vs. Logic”

This week I’ve enclosed, a sheet with two messages, to you in your packet. What’s the difference? Both contain the same “information”, the same “Facts” but the message is different.

The reason of course is EMOTION.  “Just the facts Jack” is insufficient in communicating a message. If just facts sold then all TV ads would look like my typed message. In actuality, TV ads go far beyond my red lettered message. They pile on the emotion because the sales emotions produce the QUICKEST and STRONGEST decisions.

Take a look at your sales presentation. Is it more like the typed message I sent, or more like the red message… or is it more like a TV ad?

At  Maintenance Engineering we teach on the words (railroad tracks) to our sales presentation. You must add the emotion to it. The words are merely the vehicle carrying the real message which are the sales emotions, CONFIDENCE (trust) which customers’ mimic and ENTHUSIASM (Yes) which the customer also mimics. The words are the vehicle and it is up to you to load that vehicle with emotion.

Take time to roleplay with your spouse or a friend or your manager. Give your presentation to a recorder or video camera and see how small changes in your delivery create huge changes in your message.

Bottom Line rule of sales success is less logic and more emotions means more sales. Remember the quote from two weeks ago, “You fight like you train” so train well.. add the sales emotions to your presentation which will cause the customer to TRUST YOU and SAY YES TO YOU!

Curt Kesselring 

Curt Kesselring, President Maintenance Engineering

President Maintenance Engineering


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