Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Dream Catalog”

In 1974, I had a dream of the finest product line in the lighting industry showcased in a magnificent catalog. For years we’ve had the finest product line. Over the years the catalog continued to progress to where it is today and NOW.. THIS WEEK… THIS DREAM HAS COME TRUE.

The timing of this catalog is perfect as it dovetails with Maintenance Engineering’s New Presentations booklet and powerful “NEW” New Account Presentation! Combined in a black sales portfolio this is an awesomely powerful Selling System.

Every week more salespeople are converting to this new, easy to learn, powerful, short low rejection money making tool. Unless you enjoy rejecton, long presentations and installing 4′ lamps, then you want to call your SC and get on his personal training list!

No one else in the industry has anything close to the Maintenance Engineering Selling System. So…take advantage of this by using this system to put competitor’s accounts into your file box! It will make your Fall Selling Season even more profitable! Use this DREAM COME TRUE system to make YOUR DREAMS comes TRUE!

Curt Kesselring

President, Maintenance Engineering


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