Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Attitude Determines Altitude”

Never before has attitude been more valuable in sales. If one thing will determine your income for 2011 it is Attitude. Here are some of the ways Attitude can impact your career:

– ALARM CLOCK- People with great attitudes get up with out an alarm clock because they’re anxious to get started on the day..

-GET UP EARLY- Your pituitary gland inject melatonin into your blood stream to make you sleep at night. It takes 2 hours of birght light ot clear it form your body every morning. Only then can your mind be sharp and your positive attitude be at its peak.

– MORNING PREPARATION- Positive people use early morning to prepare their mind for the day by focusing on positive thoughts which will be mimicked by customers throughout the day.

-FIRST 5 CALLS OF THE DAY- Make 5 calls in rapid succession and your positive attitude grows ever stronger with each call…like putting your armor on for the day.

– CUSTOMERS MIMIC YOUR ATTITUDE- They mimic your confidence in yourself, your product (prices) and your company; they mimic your enthusiasm and say “YES” to an order.

-ATTITUDE FUELS YOUR BODY WITH ENERGY- to cause you to work hard and late.. because you’re pumped!


How do you control your attitude? It’s a choice you make. If you only dwell on problems you cannot solve YOU WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE! If you dwell on solutions to problems you can solve YOU WILL HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! It’s that simple. Decide to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and it shall be so!

President Curt Kesselring

Maintenance Engineering


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