Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Residential Vs. Commercial/Industrial Lighting Products”

Lighting product today are divided into two broad classifications, residential and commercial/industrial. Residential quality products are found everywhere. You see them in Lowe’s, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Electrical Distributors and grocery stores. They are virtually everywhere and account for nearly all product being sold today. GE, Sylvania, and Philips all offer residential products along with hoards of imported “residential” grade products.

Residential products are for residential use. Many lights are seldom turned on in a home. Even the high usage ones may only be used for a few minutes of few hours each day. Price is the primary consideration for most home owners with good reason. Why buy an expensive light bulb for a closet or a room that is hardly used. Since price is the primary consideration manufacturers oblige by building low price, low quality residential products.

At Maintenance Engineering our customers are commercial/industrial accounts. they use the majority of their lights 5-7 days per week from 10-24 hours a day. They need high quality lamps that can stand up to this heavy usage.

Unfortunately most businesses are buying their replacement lamps from “residential” supply centers. They’re buying lamps intended for residential usage but using them in commercial/ industrial locations. Unfortunately most don’t even know that there is an alternative to using residential grade products.

This spells opportunity for us! we need to let our prospects and customers know that we are Different and Better than the residential grade products they are using . By switching to Maintenance Engineering they can virtually eliminate their lighting problems AND they’ll get fantastic personal service from their local Maintenance Engineering representative… YOU!

This is a money-making time of the year and we have a money-making product. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity by selling our commercial/ industrial Premium Quality products!

Curt Kesselring

President, Maintenance Engineering


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