Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “Do you best and that alone will make you wealthy.”

One of the experiences I will always cherish with Maintenance Engineering is being able to help with the development of our “New”  New Account Presentation. I am very proud of the fact that it is a “Customer Driven” presentation.  We let the customer call the shots with each step of the presentation. It was the customer who told us whether that step worked or not.

Maintenance Engineering’s product line is customer driven. It is the customer, who by their purchases of Maintenance Engineering’s great products, that keeps telling us how much they love the product.

This is a product line you can believe in! I have seen the reaction of customers as they hear about Maintenance Engineering’s wonderful product line and its benefits.

I want you to believe in this great product because it is worthy of your belief and support.

Dennis Leno

Vice President, Maintenance Engineering


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