Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “Summer Selling”

“I have to go get more money.”

Veteran Steve Meldahl recently told me a friend of his who is very successful in the auto sales industry. He has a special quote that he has used to inspire himself to success that Steve passed on to me. His quote, “I have to go get more money.”

I especially like this quote for two reasons:

1. It’s inspirational. Having more money is exactly what life is all about. As Cardinal John Henry Newman said so many years ago, “The only evidence of life is growth.”

2. It’s definitive. it tells you exactly what you should be doing every day. Go help more people, go get more money.

That brings me to summer selling. What are your plans to bring in more money this summer? Have you thought about it? Have you set a goal? While your competition is relaxing and taking off a ton of time, why don’t you go and get more money? Summer is a great time for the workers!

Dennis Leno
Vice President Maintenance Engineering


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