Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Buy Now!?”

The nation’s economy is struggling. Unemployment is high. House prices are down. Interest rates are down. Used car prices are up. New car prices and lease rates are down.

The light bulb replacement business continues to be rock solid. The Maintenance Engineering opportunity allows you to determine your income. $100,000 incomes in Maintenance Engineering are a reality for those who choose to go for the brass ring.

What a perfect time to buy a new house or car!! While the rest of the nation is concerned and cannot take advantage of these buying opportunities, Maintenance Engineering salespeople are in perfect position to boost their income AND take advantage of these opportunities.

At Maintenance Engineering we have a fantastic opportunity. It is rock solid through good times and bad.  At Maintenance Engineering the only mistake we can make is to listen to the news. At Maintenance Engineering we make our own news… and it is as good as we choose it to be.

This week take a look at your 2011 goals. Did you set them high enough? Are you taking full advantage of this fantastic opportunity that we are so fortunate to have? Maybe this is the time for you to look at that home or car that is now available at a much better price. Maybe it is the time for you to BUY NOW?!

Curt Kesselring

President, Maintenance Engineering


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