Vice President Dennis Leno “Habit- A Secret To Success”

In his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. Napoleon Hill talks about the direct result of habit. “Persistence is the direct result of habit.” said Mr. Hill. He also says that fear can be cured by habit “by forced repetition of acts of courage.”

So, what Mr. Hill is saying is that good habits are really a vital key in killing call reluctance. Good habits are a key to perfecting one’s pitch and making a ton of money.

What “good habits” can an Maintenance Engineering salesperson adopt that will help in his career? I have listed six that I believe can be very powerful for you.

1# Form the habit of getting up early.

2# Form the habit of planning your days.

3# Form the habit of role-playing your presentation.

4# From the habit of using good promotions.

#5 Form the habit of working full days.

#6 Form the habit of setting goals.

It’s apparent from Mr. Hill’s comments that good habits can make you a Top Producer. Think about your habits in the six areas I have described and see how good your habits are in these six areas. It will be worth the work.

Vice President Dennis Leno


Maintenance Engineering


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