Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Oktoberfest”

It is arguable the most fun event that Maintenance Engineering has. Maintenance Engineering’s salespeople come in prepared to make a pile of money in a couple of days… and follow through by setting numerous personal sales records for a phone rally.

After the phone rally it’s off to the ranch for activities relaxation and fellowship with the finest salespeople in the lighting industry. Here everyone knows what it takes to be successful in lighting sales and respects you for it. Even your closest friends at home don’t really understand what you do for a living or have appreciation for the freat skill it takes to achieve your success. At Oktoberfest everyone understands and respects you because they know what it takes to be successful in lighting sales.

When you go home you’ll know that you’re not alone in a sometimes lonely business. You’ll know that you share skills, talent, goals, and a network of friends who will offer their knowledge and help whenever you need it. It’s a special group to be a memeber of. Very competitive with you, but if you beat them, they are happy for you.

Oktoberfest, a special time, special people and very profitable! It’s just around the corner, get ready! Plan on coming! I’m looking forward to seeing you!


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