Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Harvest Time!”

Back on the farm, harvest began in August! This was the time every farmer looked forward to for it was payday for all the efforts he had put forth tiling, seeding, fertilizing and cultivating his crops. So, too, in lighting sales! It’s harvest time, better known as MONEY MAKING TIME!

Days are getting shorter. Buyers are back from vacation. Maintenance personnel are preparing their facilities for the coming short, dark days of winter. This means they need whiter Maintenance Engineering lamps that produce more light on less energy.

Review each of your accounts. What is the ir potential? What other lamps do they use? What is the promo that best matches the buyer’s interests? Write these notes on a post it and stick it to each account card in preparation for Rally Week. If you don’t have this information, develop a plan to get it. Each buyer is an individual that requires a tailor-made pitch and individually selected promotion to maximize the sales to them. Every month before Rally Week, take time to review your plan for each account.

A farmer’s goal is to harvest 100% of the crop in his field so he is fully paid for his work. We also want to have the goal of getting 100% of each of our customers’ business and we need to have a PLAN TO GET IT!!

Unlke farming where the farmer has only one time to seed and one time to harvest, we can be opening new accounts all year long and harvesting all year long. Just as fall is a great harvest time, it is also a fantastic time to open new accounts.

This fall selling season will be better than ever. Buyers have been holding off on buying and as a result, their inventory is low. They’ve been intent on SAVING MONEY and we have just the products they need for this MONEY MAKING TIME of the year. In the coming four months you can become a RISER and earn up to $2,000 in LUXURY DOLLARS AND SET A PERSONAL BEST for your 2011 income! It’s HARVEST TIME; don’t leave a single kernel in the field!

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering


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