Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Nothing Happens…Until A Sale Is Made.”

With sales there is….

No need for an Order Entry Department… for there are no orders.

No need for Inventory Control, or inventory or Manufacturers…

for there is no need for product.

No need for an Accounting Department… for there is nothing to count.


Salespeople are vital to the success of every company. This is the reason that… SALES IS THE MOST SECURE PROFESSION… If you can sell, you will always have a job. This is the reason SALES IS A VERY PROFITABLE PROFESSION… for those who use the proven principles of sales… and work. AND SALES IS VERY REWARDING PERSONALLY..because you and you alone are 100% responsible when a sale is made.

Sales is a special profession and those who practice it are special people that we all depend on. This responsibility is not taken lightly by salespeople for they know there are dozens if not hundreds of people who will benefit by having a job and an income to support their families every time they write an order. Salespeople have a huge responsibility, but it is also a great honor to play such a vital role in creating something that benefits so many people.

So as a salesperson, be thankful for your God given talents and consider it a privilege and honor to utilize this gift for the benefit for so many!

Congratulations and thanks to Maintenance Engineering’s sales force!

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering


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