Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Oktoberfest 2011”

Great people! Great Sales! Great new products and sales tools, great fun and fellowship at the Ranch! What more could we ask?!

We had an impressive list of the big names in Maintenance Engineering attend and they led the way with their example. They spoke first with their actions and second with advice that only a Top Producer can give. Needless to say they were a great source of inspiration for all.

We gave a preview of new sales materials, new products and neww opportunity concepts; all of which are designed to increas the size of the Maintenance Engineering Opportunity. We are anxious to share this information with the entire sales force.

The frand finale to a great week was a magnificent afternoon at the Ranch. With freat fall weather everyone was able to test their skills at Trap Shooting, Black Powder Shooting, Horseshoes and Steer Roping. The afternoon was capped off with a great cowboy meal and great conversation.

If you missed the 2011 Oktoberfest, make sure you set your “sights” on attending next year. Volume, shared ideas, and fellowship make it the best Maintenance Engineering event of the year.

Congratualations to all who attended and thank you for making it a tremendous success.

Curt Kesselring

President of Maintenance Engineering


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