Maintenance Engineering “What Do You Want Out Of A Company?”

Veteran Joe Kraft is fond of relaying the answer asked of him by his Maintenance Engineering recruiter. ” What do you want out of this company?” Joe shared his thoughts and ended his comments with “And I know you won’t be able to fill the request.” Joe was shocked when his recruiter told him “Let’s talk.” Here are Joe’s top six requests:

  • A company that is honest and keeps its promises.
  • A company that has a product everyone needs.
  • A company that thanks you.
  • A company that has a great leadership opportunity.
  • A company where I can earn $100,000+ a year.


Joe has had a fantastic career with Maintenance Engineering . He has earned over a million dollars as he is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Earned Club. Joe has been an outstanding leader in our leadership program and has the distinction of being the #1 Salesperson and the #1 Trainer in the same year! An achievement that has never been duplicated.

Joe we thank you for sharing this wonderful story and THANK YOU for your years of dedicated loyalty.



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