Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “The Spirit of Christmas”

Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. While I enjoy all of the traditional aspects of Christmas and what it stands for, I most enjoy the spirit of Christmas. It’s a spirit that fills everyone during this season and makes it so very special.

During Christmas, we worry less about thing we shouldn’t have worried about in the first place and instead focus on our families, our good fortune and the good around us. Our attitudes shift to become much more positive. We ignore the negative and focus on all the good in our lives. We focus on our good fortune of having been born in America and all of the positive things that have happened to us as a result.

The spirit of Christmas is really the result of everyone’s attitudes becoming more positive during the season. This year, really get into the “Christmas Spirit” by focusing on the good in your life, the positives. Then, hold onto this spirit, this positive attitude and carry it into 2012 and through the entire New Year. It will insure a great Christmas and a great 2012 for you, your family, and your career!

Merry Christmas !!

Curt Kesselring


President Maintenance Engineering


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