Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Millionaire Friday”

As a Veteran Salesperson’s filebox grows and their income rises above the goals they had set for themselves; they are sometimes tempted to take Friday off. This can be an expensive decision as it results in lost income. Let’s take a look at what  a $4,000 producer could accumulate at their $1,000/day sales pace by working Fridays and writing an extra $1,000 ($362 in commission and bonus)



-In 10 years $362 becomes $288,844

-In 20 years $362 becomes $931,282

-In 21 years $362 becomes $1,000,000!

-In 30 years $362 becomes $2,360,176

-In 40 years $362 becomes $5,538,284

*deposited in a tax deferred retirement fun with 10% return.


Rollover- Put your Friday sales into your rollover account.

YEAR-END- At Year -end cash in your rollover account and deposit it into your retirement fund.

That’s over $288,844 of wealth in only 10 years! 21 years will make you a millionaire.. for only adding MILLIONAIRE FRIDAY into your work schedule.

Today people in their late 60’s and 70’s are realizing that they need more money for retirement than they thought. Many are re-entering the work force…some here at Maintenance Engineering MILLIONAIRE FRIDAY”S creat incredible wealth when you start young as this allows you to take advantage of the magic of compound interest.

As we start 2012 commit to using MILLIONAIRE FRIDAY as a wealth building day. Be on of those wh semi-retire with too much money instead of too little. As  a friend once said to me “Enough is enough; too much is just right.” Take full advantage of your Fridays and semi-retire with… TOO MUCH!

Curt Kesselring


President Maintenance Engineering


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