Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Success= Work+Tools+Fun”

Success…what is it and how do you achieve it? The Maintenance Engineering Success Formula lays out the “how” to achieve success very clearly. This simple formula can be applied to anything you want to achieve success in, whether it be family, a hobby/game or your career. The approach is always the same.

First…what is it you want to achieve success in? The three choices are family, hobbies/games and career. You get to choose two of the three. Choose all three and you will fail in all three. Choose only one and your life will be empty. I personally chose family and career… which explains my golf game.

Once you’ve clearly made the choice of what you want to be successful in, it is only a matter of doing the things that cause success. It’s important to understand that being successful FIRST BEGINS WITH A DECISION TO BE SUCCESSFUL. One must DECIDE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND ALSO DECIDE TO DO WHATEVER NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS. (Excluding the illegal or immoral.) To be successful in anything,k you will at some point have to do difficult, uncomfortable, or even unnatural things. You must be willing to do those things.. FOR THOSE ARE THE VERY THINGS FAILURES WON”T DO. Everyone can do the fun and easy things that success requires. However, pursuit of success requires you be able to tolerate some discomfort in doing things that are not on your “want to do list.” Successful people, however, suck it up and do it with a smile on their face… because THEY DECIDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND DECIDED THEY WERE GOING TO DO THE THINGS SUCCESS REQUIRES.

I have a friend who used to smoke four packs a day. He tried for two years to kick the habit. He tried everything…pills, patches, cutting back gradually, etc. He failed… until one day he said to himself “I can do anything I want. I’m going to quit smoking.” He then quit smoking …cold turkey.. and never ever… smoked another cigarette. The reason he was successful was that he DECIDED TO QUIT AND TO DO WHATEVER NECESSARY TO QUIT… TO ENDURE WHATEVER DISCOMFORT REQUIRED.

Success is about DECISIONS… to BE SUCCESSFUL AND DECISIONS TO DO WHATEVER IS REQUIRED to be successful. Winners aren’t luck and losers unlucky. Winners aren’t smarter, more gifted or better looking. The difference between winners and losers is that winners make decisions to be successful and make decisions to whatever it takes.

ANYONE can be succesful. It’s difficult… but worth it. At the end of the day…the day is over, it is gone… all that one has to show for it is the rewards of success. .. the sense of achievement…the personal prde…AND the personal and financial benefits that result.

So be successful in the area of your choosing …and do whatever is required. You will join the ranks of the VERY SUCCESSFUL and enjoy that very special feeling that comes from KNOWING YOU”RE A WINNER!

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering


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