Maintenance Engineering Sales Tips “COLD CALLING”

Veteran Tom Ringo was recently asked by his manager Jim Dew, what is the hardest part about cold calling? We wanted to share Tom’s philosophy:

“The hardest part about ‘Cold Calling’ is calling it ‘Cold Calling’ . I want to think of it as meeting new people who as of right now don’t know how badly they need my help! The words ‘cold calling’ leave me flat and uninspired. So does the word ‘prospecting.’

Maybe we should call it something else like ‘ Unscheduled Future Client Meetings’ or ‘Freestyle Needs Visitation.’ All kidding aside, each one of us need to elevate our aptitude in regards to meeting new prospects. It is what motivates us and inspires us. It drives us to try to improve and better our lives as well as those we serve through sales. Such motivation, calls on the power of Heaven to help us know what to do next, and in most cases that is to leave the house and go to work!”


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