Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Little Choices, Little Actions, Big Results, Big Income”

What makes Frank Grendler a Top Producer…or anyone for that matter? Top Producers get up in the morning and put their pants on like everyone else. They live in the same world, breathe  the same air and are confronted with the same challenges in life as everyone else. So, what is the difference that makes them a Top Producer year after year?

I’ve observed two things that they do differently. First, they make different choices. Second,k they act on those choices. It begins in the morning when they choose the time to set their alarm for. They then act upon this decision when the alarm goes off in the morning. They choose hen to make their first call, who it should be, what kind of preparation is needed… then act on it. They decide they’re not going home without a certain sales level and then take actions to  insure it happens. All day long they are faced with choices… little choices.. and they act upon each choice they make. It’s not the big choices that make them different.. it’s the little choices…and the fact they act upon each of those little choices they make.

Many people have worked with Maintenance Engineering’s Top Producers. Their reaction is always the same. “They don’t do anything special.” ” I can do what they do.” And they are exactly right. They can make those same little choices throughout the day. And they can act on those choices and reap the rewards of being a Top Producer.

The Maintenance Engineering opportunity is a fantastic one because it doesn’t require some fancy degree or special skill set. It is easy because success is merely dependent upon making little choices throughout the day and acting on them. Bottom line is it’s easy to be a Top Producer. All you have to remember is…Little choices, little actions mean BIG RESULTS and BIG EARNINGS!

Curt Kesselring


President of Maintenance Engineering


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