Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “First Impressions”

We’ve all heard the old saying “First Impressions…are lasting impressions.” This has just been confirmed by a recent study. They’ve found that no matter what you do or say after you meet someone, they automatically revert back to their “First Impression” of you. Nothing trumps the power of a “First Impression” so how do you as a salesperson harness this power?

Whenever a salesperson calls on a prospect they create a series of “First Impressions”. On every sales call there are 5 key “First Impressions” that you make.

#1 When you walk in the door YOU create a “First Impression” on the Gate keeper”.

#2 When you meet the buyer YOU make a “First Impression” on them.

#3 When you introduce the PROMOTION you create a “First Impression” of the Swiss Army Flashlight.

#4 When you introduce the PAR LUMI TWIST demo you create a “First Impression” of Whiter Brighter light.

#5 When you introduce the “GOOD, BETTER, BEST QUALITY” concept you create a “First Impression”of our ability to help solve their lighting needs with the best solution.

Five “First Impressions!” All must be powerful. All must be that customers mimic you..thereby creating that strong “First Impression”. Your appearance, you attitude, your emotions all work together to create that “First Impression” in each of these areas. As you give your presentation remember you have 5 opportunities to create a powerful “First Impression” which together… CREATE A SALE!

Curt Kesselring


President Maintenance Engineering


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