In Memory Of Maintenance Engineering’s Favorite Salesperson

What I learned from Curt Loney

– He believed in being different and was proud of it.

– He wore his differences; he wore his bow tie and his effervescent personality where people could see them and be positively impacted by them.

– He was genuinely interested in every person he met and gave them 100% of his attention.

– He saw the good in you and let you know he saw it.

– He ignored your weaknesses and didn’t let you know he saw them… Thank you Curt!

– He did his best at everything he was involved in.

– He joined Maintenance Engineering at age 65 after a successful career as an entrepreneur and immediately joined the ranks of Maintenance Engineering’s Top Producers.

– He loved life like no one I’ve ever known, from early morning to late at night…everyday.

– He left indelible positive memory on everyone he met.

– He treated everyone better than they deserved.

– He treated people in a way that both enviable and instructive.

– He left a trail of positive uplifted people where ever he went.

– To meet him, to watch him, to interact with him left you inspired to do better, to be like Curt.

Today I ask everyone who knew Curt to join me in honoring him with a moment of silence… and a commitment to spreading good cheer, loving of people and having a zest for life.

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering


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