Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “The Two Things You Can Change In Life”

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of observing and interacting with many positive people. I’ve particularly noticed that positive people tend to be much more succesful in their chosen careers whether task work, technical work or the sales profession. Their success isn’t accidental. Rather, it is the direct result of how they deal with those negative circumstances that frequently appear in our lives. When confronted with a negative they do one of two things:

#1 They immediately working to CHANGE THOSE NEGATIVE CIRCUMSTANCES. Their goal is to change those negatives into positives.. or at the very least neutralize them.

#2 If they can’t change those circumstances THEY CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THEM. They choose to focus on whatever positive there is in that circumstance and to ignore the negative.

Think of the negative circumstances you have encountered in your life during the past week. What if you had applied this proactive approach.. CHANGE THEM.. Or CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THEM. Either way you have eliminated a road block on your march up the path to success. Bottom line is you’ll be happier in life..and much more successful.

Curt Kesselring


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