Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Pride”

Nothing happens until a sale is made. Look around your house and pick up any item. Somewhere in the life of that article it was sold to someone at least once, maybe more often. The person who made it had to “sell” someone to go out and “sell” it to a distributor. The distributor’s salesperson had to “sell” it to a retailer. The retailer had to “sell” it to you.

Everything you see owes its existence to sales. Sales plays a vital role in our economy which explains why the income potential in sales is so high. Sales is the means by which someone with a product or service is put together with someone who has a need… and the money to pay for a solution.

In sales we often under-value our services. We need to be proud of the fact we, with our sales ability, cause the economy to move forward and prosper. Sales is the oldest profession in the world and the most vital. Think of what would happen without Maintenance Engineering Salespeople. First our customer would be deprived of the benefits of having the longest lasting , most energy efficient color correct lighting in the world. They would be deprived your expertise and good service. Maintenance Engineering’s great support staff would be out of jobs, factories would be shut down, and many employees would be out of work.

Yes, we in sales provide a vital service to the nation. We should be proud of our profession. We should also keep in mind the responsibility that goes with our role. For those gifted with sales ability goes the responsibility to use that gist so that customers can get the best product and everyone who plays a role in making , shipping, and providing service has good jobs.

Sales…a profession to be proud of. Sales ability..a talent which make a difference by helping a lot of people. Sales responsibility… to do our best and to be our best in this great profession.

Curt Kesselring


President Maintenance Engineering



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