Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “Commitment”

“I made a commitment to my customer and to myself.” – Diane Pilkinton

I had the privilege of interviewing Diane Pilkinton for the newsletter honoring her for her consecutive 52 Riser Weeks. Remember it’s one thing to have a Riser Month, or a Riser Year, but it’s quite another to pay yourself on 52 Consecutive Riser Weeks without missing a single week.

Here is what Diane told me were the factors that made this possible for her:


 “I just work!”

– Commitment

  “To myself”

   “To my customers”

– 1% improvement a day.

   “I want to get better every day”


    “If you’re not having fun you are doing it wrong.”

Diane, congratulations on your 52 Riser Weeks and the examply you have set for us all!

Good Selling Everyone!

Dennis Leno

 Vice President

Maintenance Engineering



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