Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Make Plans To Triple Your Volume”

Maintenance Engineering’s new Selling System is revolutionary. Learn it, become proficient at it and it will allow you to TRIPLE your Volume  and Double your Income. However, this won’t happen by itself. It’s going to take some work…but Double Income makes it worthwhile! Develop a plan that puts you on track to TRIPLE/DOUBLE by this time next year. Here are some simple suggestions for you.

Step #1. STUDY, LEARN, and PRACTICE the new Selling System. Devote 30-60 minutes per day for the next month and you will be on your way.

Step #2. EXISTING ACCOUNTS-  Develope a plan for each using Maintenance Engineering’s 5 Lines to get 100% of their business.

Step #3. INACTIVE ACCOUNTS- introduce them to Maintenance Engineering’s 5 Lines. Re-open them with the line that allows you to re-establish your relationship.

Step #4. NEW ACCOUNT CALLS- Begin calling on larger accounts. Gradually move up as you become comfortable with the 5 Line concept, quantity pricing and the rebate program. Find the account size that fits your selling style best.

Step #5. PIPELINE- Use the pipeline concept to fill your days with new account calls.

Step #6. UP SELL CONSTANTLY to maximize your Industrial Lamp Sales %.

                  -Open New Accounts with the highest quality line possible, but open the account.

                  – On Repeat Calls constantly work to up-sell the buyer.

                  – ACCOUNT GOAL -100% of their business. Develop your target mix of products:

                        *10-20 % + Premira (existing volume)

                        *20-30 % + Industra & Commercial (NEW volume)

                        *25 % Residential Guaranteed (NEW volume)

                        *25 % Residential (NEW volume)

We’re a small company who has developed a revolutionary marketing concept. It consists of three components. First is a powerful Direct Sales Force that can open accounts and get 100% of their business. Second is our Maintenance Product Website (under construction) that will allow you to leverage your account relationship into all of the commodity maintenance products that your buyers are currently purchasing. This will require low effort while allowing you to add additional commissions to your income. Third is the Rebate Incentive program to build customer loyalty. These are exciting times. Use the remainder of 2012 to get the ball rolling towards tripling your volume in 2013! No one else is using a direct sales approach coupled with the internet to maximize the opportunity for their sales force! Maintenance Engineering is the first! Be part of this historic and profitable revolution!


Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering



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