Maintenance Engineering Sales Tips “Franks Corner- Sales Tips From Veterans”

What does it take to make it in the field? I asked this question to Jim Frankson and Brian Breitbarth, our two senior managers.  Jim and Brian were both successful in the field before they went into management, so as the saying goes here’s two people who have  “Been there, done that.” Brian gave me five traits to success.

1. Must have a good work ethic.

2. Use the tools.

3. Desire to help people.

4. Have fun!

5. Must set goals.

Those traits are really quite basic, but as Brian says “Success in sales is about basics.”

Jim’s answer was “The number one thing you need to make it in the field is desire. If you have the desire to succeed, you’ll find a way to make this work.” When Jim started in the field he had tough days like all of us, but having the “Desire” gave him the strength and allowed him to continue with a positive attitude. To this day Jim spends lots of time training in the field because as he says “It gives him an appreciation of what our field reps are going through and how they overcome obstacles to being successful.”

Thanks Jim and Brian and next week I’ll share my personal thoughts of what it takes to be successful in the field.

Frank Grendler

Maintenance Engineering’s All Time #1 Salesperson


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