Maintenance Engineering Sales Tips “Frank’s Corner- Heart”

There’s nothing I enjoy talking about more than sales in the field because it’s the back bone of Maintenance Engineering and also the standard by which all of us are judged and respected. Last week Jim Frankson and Brian Breitbarth talked about desire, work ethics, and setting goals as the keys to success. My favorite word is “HEART”.

This is all the intangibles that make for a good sales rep. It’s Rod and Shon Gilliland driving a lot miles every week in their rural territories. It’s Steve Gressman who once switched his account base from rural Minnesota to urban Minneapolis. Michael Camerato making 40 calls a day, two seniors Steve Meldahl and Carsten Clement appearing in the Top 20 and its Del Hager making 30 cold calls on a day when the temperature is -30 degrees. Bob Potter giving a 100% when the temperature is 100 degrees outside.

The dictionary define heart as “Spirit, strength, and courage” but any of these reps and anyone else that has done a good job in the field for a respectable length of time will tell you, they don’t need a dictionary for a definition it’s simply doing wha you have to do to succeed!

Frank Grendler


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