Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Push The Reset Button”

Most electronic products have a reset button, an on/off switch or a power supply you can cut.. which reboots its electronics. Every once in a while the electronic components need to step back, clean out the clutter and start thinking with a clear electronic brain. People are the same way. Every once in a while we need to push the reset button to clean our mind of assumptions and old conclusions that were based on old facts. We need to take a step back and take a fresh look at a situation.

Maintenance Engineering’s old timers were raised under different field conditions that required different solutions. When Maintenance Engineering  was founded 60% of our sales were incandescents. Short life incandescents burned out in 1 to 4 weeks! Short life fluorescents burned out in a month with the ends becoming solid black. Businesses had maintenance personnel who dedicated a majority of their time changing light bulbs. Even tiny businesses went through a lot of light bulbs and were good respectable accounts.

Today small accounts provide good “Fill” business but have only small repeat potential. Today we are shifting our focus to medium and large accounts. these accounts are more difficult to get into; consequently our strategy is to build a relationship with these buyers where we can get 100% of their business. Medium size businesses will purchase premium products for 10-30% of their needs. The balance is made up of residential products which we want to convert to Maintenance Engineering Industra and Commercial products.. and the rest to our Residential line. We want 100%  of their businesses. We want to develop a relationship with the buyer where we are their lighting expert. We will sell them Premira for the locations where they need the longest lasting, brightest and whitest light. Where they don’t need the best.. or can’t afford the best we’ll sell them a quality level that fits their needs and budget. Bottom line we want to 100% of their business. This new sales model will result in triple volume because it takes 1/3 of the time to expand an existing account as compared to opening 3 times more accounts!

Triple Volume will result in Double Commissions since much of the volume will be at lower commission rates. But, remember , we don’t spend commission rates at the grocery store, we spend dollars… and having double commissions.. is double dollars in your pocket. Best of all this can be done without more effort.. just by applying this new sales model where you “HARVEST” 100% of a buyers business rather than 10-30% as in the past.

So press the reset button on your “Sales Computer” and rethink your market and customer base in light of this new business model. What if you got 100% of your existing customer’s business? You would probably increase your sales tenfold. Triple is realistic and so is Double Commissions. Hit the reset, learn Maintenance Engineering’s New Sales Methods and begin “HARVESTING” the business that your present accounts are giving you competition! Put the competitions commissions in YOUR POCKET!!

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering


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