Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Fall Selling Is Quantity Selling!”

Use Maintenance Engineering new Quantity Prices to capture that business your customer is giving our competition! Use Maintenance Engineering’s presentation which SETS UP Maintenance Engineering’s Quality/Quantity close which will have you selling boxes of lamps! Too much of our customer’s business is going to our competition! Those are sales that should be coming to Maintenance Engineering…AND COMMISSIONS that should be coming to you. Now is prime selling time. Days are getting shorter with more overcast skies. Now is when people are stocking up with lighting supplies for the long dark winter ahead. Fall selling season’s orders should be larger than normal by a factor of 2-3.

Remember Mix and Match! The quantity prices apply to any mix of products the customer buys. This can be a huge incentive for a buyer to move business forward and buy it now for a better price. This can also be a huge incentive for a buyer to shift products he’s buying from a competitor to you! Do this and you’ll be on your way to Triple Volume and Double Income. Make sure you help you customers with all their lighting business during this fall selling season!

Curt Kesselring



President Maintenance Engineering


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