Maintenance Engineering President Curt Kesselring “Merry Christmas!”

Spend a lot …make a lot! That’s my suggested formula for a great Christmas and New Year’s. No matter what our frugal intentions are the Holidays always seem to cost more than we anticipated. The great thing about being a commissioned sales person is that you can work harder and smarter on the days surrounding the holidays and make enough money to cover those holiday expenses. Done right, you finish the holidays with no leftover debts.

First put together your work plan and stick to it. Mark the days you are going to work on your calender and set volume goals. Second, commit to those goals and do whatever necessary to hit them. Work the right type of accounts at the right times on the right days to maximize your effectiveness. remember, you are on a mission to come out of the Holiday Season with no leftover holiday expenses.

Also, remember your Maintenance Engineering year ends on Jan 12! Any leftover expenses can be taken care of with lots of phone orders on BLOWOUT WEEK! (Jan 7-12)!

So my recommendation for the Holiday Season is SPEND A LOT (as if you needed the tip) AND MAKE A LOT! This will insure a fun time with family and friends with no expense hangover!

Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring


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