“Frank’s Corner”- Sales Tips from Maintenance Engineering’s all time #1 salesman

Vice President Dennis Leno and I like to joke about 40 years in the business. In these almost 40 years I’ve known every rep who has ever done a good job in the field from Diane Pilkinton, Jim Frankson, Brian Breitbarth who are now in management helping others succeed like Veterans Mike Alimento, Brett Child, Mike Gilberstad and many others who are the backbone of Maintenance Engineering.

All of those people have one thing in common, it’s what I call “Character”, which has often been defined as “What you do when no one is looking.” It’s getting out early when you’re tire and not feeling %100. It’s making a few extra calls and closing one more time. It’s showing a little extra interest in a buyers personal life which could result in an order.

Character is doing all those thing we all know we should be doing all the time but sometimes neglect to do them. Character is what can make all of us more successful.

Frank Grendler


Maintenance Engineering


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