Maintenance Engineering Sales Story “It Just Makes Good Sense.”

     Veteran Steve Allen forwarded us an article that appeared in his local newspaper. Along with his regular business Steve also uses the power of the retrofit program through his local power company. Congratulations Steve on your hard work and creativity in building your business.

City installs new indoor lighting to save money

December 21, 2012




Morning News-Lisa Lete (From left) Electrician Rick Morgan, Randy Bates, a local lighting specialist, installed new energy efficient lights in Blackfoot’s City Hall Monday. An incentive with Idaho Power to pay 50 percent of the light bill with the installation of the new lights will save the city close to $2,000 a year.

The City of Blackfoot will save up to $2,000 a year with the installation of full-spectrum energy efficient Vitalux lights throughout city offices.
Steve Allen of Blackfoot, a lighting specialist for Maintenance Engineering, sells and installs the lighting with an incentive from Idaho Power to pay 50 percent of implementation and the electric bill.
“This is good news for the public,” Allen said. “City Hall has old technology; Idaho Power is using guys like me to flush out some incentive money by retrofitting old technology around the region, saving people money and helping the environment.”
Allen replaced 137 light fixtures in city hall with the Vitalux lights on Monday.
“These lights last about 10 years while others burn out quickly and end up in the city landfill,” he said.
Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue said he is pleased with the city’s decision to change the lighting and that within two years, the investment will be completely recovered in savings.
“It’s foolish not to do this,” Virtue remarked. “It just makes good sense.”
For more information about the Idaho Power light incentive call 208-680-2826.


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