Maintenance Engineering Vice President Dennis Leno “You Cannot Climb Uphill By Thinking Downhill Thoughts”

So, what are you doing to make 2013 different from 2012? Mary Kay Ash said “What you think about you bring about.” Rhonda Byrne said “Everything…is an inside job.”

What these successful entrepreneurs are telling us is if we are going to have a better 2013 than we did a 2012, we have to think differently. We have to form different habits and it all starts with the way we think.

Zig Ziglar’s quote “You cannot climb uphill by thinking downhill thoughts” says it all. So the question really becomes “How are you going to think differently in 2013?

There is a new motivational book you should get. “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. In this book, Hal give us an excellent formula to help us change the way we think. The way we set goals.

Here is wishing you a very prosperous 2013!

Dennis Leno

Dennis image

Vice President Maintenance Engineering


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