Maintenance Engineering Tips From Top Producers “Jim Wielebski”

wielebski, jim

The following questions and answers come from an interview by Vice President Dennis Leno with Top Producer and Strike Force member Jim Wielebski.

Jim, what is it that drives you and helped you become a Top Producer?

“Several things, first my personal sales philosophy is “good things happen when you are making calls.” I have found that to be so true. Second, I feel a need to help others. Someone helped me. I have a need to give back, and when I do I reap tremendous rewards.”

Jim where does all that personal discipline and work ethic come from?

I set minimum goals for myself. I want a certain income or a certain number of customers. I also view myself as President and CEO of my own company. I have responsibility to myself and my company to run it profitably and efficiently. I also want a certain level of improvement and growth every year. Too many people don’t sit down and set goals. I find that for me setting goals is a powerful thing.”

Jim, what is it you enjoy about Maintenance Engineering today?

“I love the option to sell a quality level that matches a customers needs. It gives me such confidence to approach any customer. I am competitive on any level of quality. I love the personal relationships I have with so many Maintenance Engineering salespeople and managers. I really appreciate the attitude of growth company has. I am excited about the new products Maintenance Engineering is adding and the things we have coming like our new Leadership and Awards opportunities.”

Jim, what are your major goals within the Company?

“I want to continue to grow and learn new things in terms of products and techniques. Secondly I want to continue to grow financially  and as a leader.”

Jim, what advice would you give to Rookies and Young Vets?

“Remember this is a relationship business. People buy from people they like and they buy from people they trust.”


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