My favorite time of the year is RIGHT NOW! Now is the time where we ignore the news and the negative naysayers. Now is the time we focus on the positive in our lives. Everyone is more upbeat and cheerful. And the positive Christmas music is a fantastic change from the standard fare.

As salespeople we all know the power of positive thinking and positive attitudes. When you have it, it’s contagious! It infects and affects everyone you come near. Negative people become positive, non-buyers become buyers and everyone is better for their contact with you.

This year let’s keep the Christmas spirit past Dec. 25th and into 2014…AND THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! The Christmas spirit is magical and powerful. Let’s continue to pass it on to everyone we meet for the next 12 months. I believe that our small group of positive people can have an impact on our entire nation as the spirit we pass on is multiplied each day and each week by each person we meet.

So…let’s begin by you and your family having a MERRY CHRISTMAS and then join me in keeping AND passing on the Christmas spirit throughout 2014. Together we can impact the nation!

Curt Image

Curt Kesselring


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