“Aim high, fly high and achieve your dreams at M.E. in 2014!”

Recently in one of his weekly comments, President Curt Kesselring challenged us to aim high, fly high and achieve our dreams at M.E. in 2014! This quote comes from his comments in our January 22, 2014 newsletter. Go back and reread his comments on goals, action plan and commitment. Better yet, print them and hang them on your office wall for 2014.

This week we are reminding many of you of the incredible amount of trip dollars you are on pace to earn if you don’t let them slip away from you. That’s the reason I want you to go back and reread Curt’s comments.

You know, life is only as exciting as you make it. As one of our Olympic gold medalists said “You have to be willing to do the things an average person won’t do.” Now is the time to challenge yourself and make sure you are earning the trip dollars that can put you on every fantastic trip M.E. has planned!

Dennis image
Vice President
Dennis Leno


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