In order to build a large lighting business you need to have a loyal account base of medium and large businesses that give you the bulk of their lighting business. To do this you must be able to call them frequently and have them take your calls. One of the big keys to getting them to consistently take your calls is to be predictable.

#1. MONTHLY CALL – Be predictable as to when you call. Call after the first of the month and the customer will expect the call making it easy to save their business for you.

#2. CALL LENGTH AND CONTENT – Be predictable in that your call will be SHORT, UPBEAT and have a BUSINESS PURPOSE. This will insure they take your call.

#3. PROMO MATCH – Promotion should match their interests. EVERY TIME you talk to your buyer gather more information about their hobbies and make good notes. This will help you select the right promotion.

#4. DON’T BE CHEAP ON PROMOTIONS – Offer good “Full box” promotions. Step the promo down if they order just a half box BUT give them two promos for two boxes. Remember, EVERY TIME YOU CALL THEM YOU’RE TEACHING HOW TO BUY…LARGE ORDERS ARE REWARDED WITH MULTIPLE OR LARGER PROMOTIONS. Rule of thumb is 4-5% of order.

#5. BE RESPECTFUL OF THEIR TIME – You want your buyers to know before they pick up the phone that this call will be short, fun, hear a great promo story and you will take care of their lighting needs.

So…BE PREDICTABLE. When the buyer hears that you are on the phone they should LOOK FORWARD to talking to you because they know that they’re in for…AND he looks forward to your BRIEF, POSITIVE AND PURPOSE DRIVE CALL!

Good Selling!

Kesselring, Curt new

Curt Kesselring


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