ENTHUSIASM…How do you catch it?

Sales emotions are responsible for 90% of the selling process through mimicry. Whoever has the strongest emotions, negative or positive, will be mimicked in every sales contact. Since we make our living by selling, it behooves us to be the one with the stronger emotions…and they better be the two sales emotions…CONFIDENCE and ENTHUSIASM.

So how do we develop the ENTHUSIASM emotion every morning…before we meet our first prospect? ENTHUSIASM comes from the belief that we have more positives in our life than negatives AND that our future holds more positives than negatives. In order to believe and feel that positive outweighs the negative in our life we need to consciously work at it. Here are the things we MUST DO every day.

#1. GET UP EARLY! – We need to be confident and ENTHUSIASTIC before our first call. Our pituitary gland produces melatonin every evening which makes us sleepy. In the morning it takes 2 hours for the melatonin to disappear from our blood stream…SO GET UP EARLY!

#2. CONTROL WHAT WE PUT IN OUR MIND! – Remember what computer programmers always say, “Garbage in, garbage out.” The same is true with our mind. SHUT OUT NEGATIVE! Turn the news off. Don’t read newspapers or magazines. Don’t talk to or hang around negative people. If it’s not going to make us feel positive, CUT IT OUT of our mental world!

#3. FEED OUR MIND POSITIVE! – Read something positive every morning. Listen to a positive tape. Talk to positive people. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY talk positive to ourselves. Develop some positive self-talk phrases that we can repeat throughout the day such as:
“Bring on the day…I’m ready.”
“I’m a $5-10,000/wk producer!” (pick a large number)
“Today is going to be great!”
“I’m going to brighten everyone’s day today!”
“I’m going to help everyone I meet today!”

#4. PRACTICE ON EVERYONE! – Start at home in the morning! Be the person who ignites a positive spirit in your family every morning. Don’t worry about their reaction. It doesn’t always show in that other person but I GUARANTEE IT HAD AN EFFECT. Just as water dripping on granite will wear a hole, positive ALWAYS TRIUMPHS.

#5. HANG OUT WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE! – And if you can’t find one during the day, call your manager and tell them you need a dose of POSITIVE…that’s their job. That’s every positive person’s job…to help others be positive.

Enthusiasm is nothing but POSITIVE WORN ON THE OUTSIDE where people can see it and feel it! ENTHUSIASM is felt by everybody and MIMICKED by them. ENTHUSIASM is the “YES” emotion. It has the capacity to REPEL “NO’S” and ATTRACT “YES’S”. Use this powerful emotion and it will insure you are a HIGHLY PAID salesperson!

Good Selling!

Kesselring, Curt new
Curt Kesselring


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