Get a buyer thinking logically and one of two things happen.  They either DELAY their decision OR they say NO.  Neither are profitable!  But get a buyer in a positive emotional mindset and they will nearly always say YES and BUY!

You can put a person in a positive emotional mindset through humor, a positive attitude or an enthusiastic presentation.  Not all of us can be humorous enough to put a customer in a positive mood that will cause them to buy.  BUT every one of us can use ENTHUSIASM to cause sales.

The reason? MIMICRY! They mimic your CONFIDENCE and they mimic your ENTHUSIASM. If you are CONFIDENT about your product your buyer will mimic you. If you are ENTHUSIASTIC about your product, company and about the customer’s benefits they will mimic you AND BUY!

Act and feel the way you want your customer to act and feel and you’ll end up with a sale BECAUSE THEY WILL MIMIC YOU!  This is what all sales is about…emotional showmanship!    Make sure you start your day by focusing on your CONFIDENCE and your ENTHUSIASM then go out and spread it to as many people as you can and watch your sales rise with your SALES EMOTIONS!

Kesselring, Curt new

Curt Kesselring



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