Good Thoughts and Actions Can Never Produce Bad Results!

Isn’t it true that Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results?  And if it’s true, why is it true?  It’s true because of a very powerful law called the “Law of Attraction.”  The Law of Attraction says that “What you think about, you bring about.”

Positive thoughts produce more positive thoughts.  Positive actions produce more positive actions.  Since our playing field is between our ears, we have total control over our thoughts and actions.

So here is the exciting part, since positive thoughts produce more positive thoughts and positive actions produce more positive actions, what does that mean to us financially, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually?  Well it seems pretty simple to me.  If we want to be healthy in each of these areas and it’s our thoughts and actions that create this health, doesn’t it behoove us to eliminate negative thoughts and actions and entertain only positive thoughts and actions?  Especially when positive thoughts and actions are completely within our control.

If people only realized the terrible damage they do to themselves when they entertain any negative thoughts and actions they would begin exercising their God given ability to control those thoughts and actions.  It’s one of the reasons you should avoid negative people at all times.  Realize your power, your happiness, your successful future lies in having only positive thoughts and actions.  It’s totally up to you.



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