Vacation All The Time… Make Your Vocation Your Avocation.

Is your vocation goal interfering with your avocation (hobby)? If only we didn’t work, think of how good we could be at our hobbies… we could vacation ALL THE TIME! Our golf game would be fantastic! Our tennis, hunting, softball, basketball, fishing, piano, painting, singing, cooking skills would be world class! If only we didn’t have to work, we would be really really good at our hobbies. However, except for a chosen, gifted, luck few who can make a living off their hobbies (LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Taylor Swift, etc.) we, the masses, must make our living off our vocation.

The following is the most common vocational mistake: Treating your vocation(job) as something that interferes with your avocation (hobby). As a result, you don’t achieve success in either. There’s an old saying (I modified a bit) that goes like this “If you’re not in the job you love, love the job you’re in!” If you’re  not working in your avocation, then treat your vocation as you would your avocation. Think about your job as much as you would about any hobby. Soon you’ll find that you’re really successful at your job and the money begins to roll in. Yes you may not be paid like LeBron or Peyton…but you’ll make a lot of money.

If ever there was a vocation that one could fall in love with, it’s sales. It is the most challenging, the most exciting, the most profitable of jobs..with only self-imposed limits.. and no upper limit! If ever there was a vocation that could truly be an avocation to rival gold tennis, hunting, music, collecting, etc. it is the M.E. sales opportunity.

Treat your vocation (job) as your avocation (hobby) and you’ll have a clarity of focus and a sense of satisfaction you’ll never had before. The fight over time conflicts will be gone. You’ll achieve levels of success, that here to fore were elusive. Best of all, you’ll make MORE MONEY.. and HAVE MORE FUN than you ever though possible! You’ll feel like you are on VACATION ALL THE TIME!

Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring





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