Do Your Best… And That Alone Will Make You Wealthy!- Dennis Leno

My favorite quote from Dennis is, “Do your best… and that alone will make you wealthy!” I’ve never liked setting specific number goals. My fear in setting a hard number goal is; does it reflect my true capability! What if I aim for my goal and hit it? Was I capable of more? If so my goal held me back. Instead, I prefer to focus on doing my best every hour of every week, of every year! WHATEVER I PRODUCE WILL BE MY FIRST BEST!

That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to numbers. I do. I look at them daily, weekly, and monthly! When I hit a great number I view it as luck! If I was really that good I’d do it every day/week/month. When I hit a bad number I believe it and use it to motivate myself to do better. I know and through hard work I can move the bottom numbers up.. AND…that will AUTOMATICALLY PUSH THE TOP NUMBERS HIGHER! As Frank Grendler says “The good salespeople put good weeks to back.” Back to back strings are indicative of ability. The longer the string the greater the ability… AND THE BIGGER THE YEAR END INCOME!!

Consequently I focus most on work habits, people skills and priorities.

#1 WORK HABIT GOALS – Keeps me from straying into nonproductive activities.

#2 PEOPLE SKILLS- In sales, it’s all about people. Make it a point to help everyone you meet FEEL BETTER and DO BETTER!

#3 PRIORITIES- First things first and second things not at all!

The tips I’ve just shared work for me. Everyone has to figure out how to make the best use of their time, talents, and abilities and which goal setting techniques work best. Bottom line: focus on those things that will benefit the people you meet, your friends, your family, and yourself every day of the year and you will maximize your SUCCESS…AND YOUR INCOME!!

President Curt Kesselring

Maintenance Engineering

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