FIRST DAY – 1/10/16

FIRST DAY – 1/10/16 The first day of our 2016 sales year begins January 10, 2016. Monday is the first day; first chance to set the tone for your 2016 sales year. I suggest you make it a day appropriate for the first day of your BEST YEAR EVER! Start it with a POSITIVE “CAN DO” ATTITUTDE! Believe in yourself, commit to your goals and do whatever is necessary to achieve those goals. Remember DOING YOUR BEST is my kind of goal. It’s an easy goal to check at the end of every day. Merely ask yourself “Did I do MY BEST TODAY?” If the answer is “YES” then sleep well. If the answer is “NO” then you need to come up with a plan for tomorrow that you can commit to and that will insure a “YES!” answer to that question tomorrow night. Whenever you answer “YES” celebrate. Whenever you answer “NO” then that means you are facing an opportunity to grow and to improve yourself tomorrow! Tomorrow is an opportunity to make whatever kind of day you want, so MAKE IT A “BEST” DAY! Start every morning with a NEW ACCOUNT that will insure a NEW ACCOUNT YEAR!

Vice President Dennis Leno



PS: Watch the video that was sent out last week again to remove any lingering excuses for less than your best! WkRwUEw4bmZNaVk/view?pli=1


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