Here are some rules I’ve collected from our Top Producers regarding how to take advantage of the Rebate Programs that nearly all utilities have, most of which are focused on LED’s.

Rule #1- Before you do anything, contact the utility in the are you are selling. Meet with them or attend one of their rebate information meetings so you can explain it to your buyer and guide them through the process.

Rule #2- Don’t chase rebates! -Call on buyers sell them on our quality products. Once they are sold on the quality then you can introduce them to the rebate opportunity in their area.

Rule #3- Knowledge is power! Know the rebate programs of the utilities in the area you sell in. This knowledge will allow you to be the expert who informs the buyer of the rebate and who guides them through the process. KNOWLEDGE INSURES YOU ARE THE GO TO PERSON!!

Rule #4- Referrals– Get 2-3-4 referrals from every rebate customer. Your buyer will be happy to give you an endorsement and maybe even a call introducing you.. if you ask!


Kesselring, Curt new

Curt Kesselring

President Maintenance Engineering



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