Repeat Accounts Produce New Accounts

The number of new accounts you open each week determines if you are growing, staying even…OR going backwards. Top Producers are always looking for an opportunity to add another customer to their account file. Here’s what I’ve learned from our Top Producers.

  1. Top Producers ask for referrals on all of their repeat called. Many have 80-90% closing rates on their referrals!!
  2. “Raised” Dead Accounts can provide great referrals as many have had our lamps burning for 5-10+ years!
  3. Top Producers look for opportunities to make cold calls and ask them for referrals.
  4.  Top Producers give promos to buyers who give the good referrals. The Swiss Army Zipper pull is a perfect inexpensive promotion to give. Carry one with you on every call.

I know of one salesperson who has a daily goal of 1 phone repeat order, 1 field repeat order AND 1 NEW ACCOUNT EVERY DAY! The simple goal setting technique keeps all of his skills sharp, defeats cal reluctance and generates $6-8,000 per week.

NEW ACCOUNTS are the life blood of this business. Give your business a daily boost of 1 new account and watch your business grow!

Good Selling

President Curt Kesselring


On the first day of the Company’s history:

….a 3:00 p.m. call gave us an order (#1) and a referral

….that gave us an order (#2) and a referral

…..that gave us an order (#3) and a referral

…..that gave us an order (#4)!

Cold Calls AND Referrals played a key role from the very beginning!!! They will do the same for you… if you ask!

Curt Image



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