$tudy For Dollar$

Over the past 5-10 years we have been a large increase in our product line! Corresponding opportunities are being created to upgrade a buyer’s lamps as their old lamps burn out of for upgrading entire systems by retrofitting areas or entire buildings. Huge money making opportunities exist! First, the commission % is lower, BUT THE COMMISSION $ PER SOCKET are 50% to 100% higher. That means that if you sell the same number of lamps as last year, your earnings will increase 50% to 100%!!!

Now you have the opportunity to retrofit an area which allows you to replace lamps that haven’t yet burned out! That dramatically increases your income opportunity! Use our Blanket PO to capture large orders by shipping a box per month for 10 months at the 10-box price… AND at full commission rate! BE SURE TO SEND A $25 GIFT CARD WITH EVERY BOX!

However, to take full advantage of this opportunity you have to be up to speed on our product’s features and benefits. Spend 15-20 minutes every evening to familiarize yourself with our fantastic new product line. Do not learn your product in front of your customer. Be prepared and you’ll be paid well. Here are some key points to keep in mind while studying:

#1 What does the product do? (Features?)

#2 What are the benefits for the customer?

#3 What is your earning potential per socket? Per job?

We’ve got a great money making product line! $tudy so you can $ell it properly and you will double your income! Presently we have people writing $5-7-10,000+ per week! $tudy, practice and MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!! Good $elling!

Curt Kesselring


Curt Kesselring




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